Celebrity Thoughts

Each and every time I listen to Lipatti I recall his words: “Music is something serious and solemn”. Thinking of his dramatic existence, I add: “Life is a serious and solemn music”.

How did we celebrate him who, taken away from us much too early, has embodied the sense of perfection and went, as all great figures do, as far as to renounce his own self?

Dinu Lipatti directed me to Bach’s heaven. The sound of the piano keys as touched by him makes me feel both human and god-like. At once, his genius and lowliness of the heart help me understand that what we actually must try each day to undertake is the discovery of one’s self. So that one can hope one might too, someday, reach Bach’s heaven.

In composing, Lipatti referred to himself: to his exceptional mental and instrumental natural equipment. To approach his oeuvre is a major challenge – but what a beautiful challenge it is, too!

God will let only His chosen ones to come close to perfection. And He allows those beings made of the purest light brief interludes here on Earth, for the comfort and the salvation of the souls of us who live our own short lives in this valley of tears. He calls them quickly back to Him, so that we do not get too used with the happiness of having them around. Only traces of their passing through this world remain, becoming legend and becoming guiding star for those called to follow in their footsteps.
For us Romanian, such an emissary of God was Dinu Lipatti.