New Book Release – Dinu Lipatti. Muzicianul în imagini/ Dinu Lipatti. The Musician in Pictures

The Romanian Cultural Institute published the first bilingual book on Dinu Lipatti .


The bilingual Romanian-English album Dinu Lipatti. The Musician in Pictures features novel photos and documents unearthed in recent years by the endeavours of passionate researchers of Lipatti’s work as a pianist and composer. Various aspects of the artist’s life are followed in the four texts by Ștefan Costache ("From Student to Star: Romania, the First Breakthrough”), Monica Isăcescu ("Lipatti and the City of Light”), Orlando Murrin ("Dinu and Madeleine”), and Mark Ainley ("The Recordings of Dinu Lipatti”). English version by Maria Monica Bojin.

 "Dinu Lipatti’s dramatic and moving life story has created an aura of mystique around the pianist, but it is his music-making upon which his current reputation truly rests. Even during his lifetime, his playing - both in concert and on disc - was met with adulation by both audiences and the artist’s colleagues. His array of tonal colours, attentive nuancing, extraordinary precision, and exquisite transparency of texture served his uncanny ability to clarify both the structure and emotional content of whatever music he played” (Mark Ainley, "The Recordings of Dinu Lipatti”).