Concertos and Works for Soloist and Orchestra

Works / Recordings

Cadenzas for Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Piano concerto no. 20 in D minor, K. 466

Completed in 1936

Concertino en style classique for piano and chamber orchestra, op. 3

Dedication: “Fräulein Florica Musicesco gewidmet”
Initially titled “Suite classique for piano and orchestra”

1. Allegro maestoso
2. Adagio molto
3. Allegretto
4. Allegro molto

Symphonie concertante for two pianos and strings, op. 5

Paris, April 11, 1938
Dedication: “A mon Maître Charles Münch”

1. Molto maestoso
2. Molto Adagio
3. Allegro con spirito

Cadenzas for Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Concerto for two pianos in E flat major, K. 365

Paris, October 19, 1938

Concerto for organ and piano

Fundățeanca, August 7 – 18, 1939
Motto: “J’ai composé cette histoire – simple, simple, simple
Pour mettre en fureur les gens – graves, graves, graves…” (Charles Cros)
Dedication: “A Mlle Nadia Boulanger”

1. Allegretto
2. Andante cantabile
3. Allegro grazioso
4. Resoluto – Andante