Biography / Writings

Dinu Lipatti
In the Archives of the Romanian Department of the State Security

Having set out on quite a complex research theme, I spent a long summer, and a long autumn, in the archives of the National Council for the Study of the Department of the State Security Archives (CNSAS). I thus found myself holding an original letter from Dinu Lipatti, dated July 25, 1949, typewritten and hand signed, which had initially been kept by the Department of the State Security (Securitate) archives and which is, of late, preserved in the CNSAS archives.

Dinu Lipatti: The Hunt for Lost Recordings

How amazing that 65 years after Lipatti’s death, some gems of this great artist’s pianism are still coming to light and that there is still such admiration for his profound artistry. Let us hope that even more will be located as more archives transfer their material and more private collections come to light!

Dinu Lipatti – Contributions to the Solo Piano Music Literature

Of an otherworldly level in terms of difficulty, the lipattian piano writing makes use of the most advanced Romantic-modern acquisitions, even if the polyphonisation of the discourse, allocating several distinct rhythms and timbres to a single hand, is an indicator that these will be not just some other easy pieces to play.