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About violinist Carl Flesch, in a letter to Florica Musicescu (December 23, 1943)
We played together. He is seventy, full of vigour and owns a splendid character.

About his professorship at the Music Conservatory in Geneva, in a letter to his former teacher Florica Musicescu (April 22, 1946)
I am convinced I am a bad teacher, because I suggest rather than impose (one can’t change one’s nature!), and this draws results only from those rare students who understand their own interest and follow my indications. And then… I have no vocation for teaching.

I am often thinking, melancholy, of these mornings, lost for me, employed with setting right individuals who most of the time have nothing in common with music. And life is too short to be thus spent. So, respecting the commitment made in difficult times, I will lead this class to its exam, in June 1947, and then I will regain my freedom, greatly disappointing those who hope to see me here to the end of time. During my first term I had twenty students, during the second, fifteen, now I have twelve, and I trust there won’t be more than that at the start of the new school year. On the contrary, the number of my concerts is growing.