The second edition of the Lipatti Days, organised by Opus Association through MuziCArte Group, was dedicated to the memory of pianist Mihaela Ursuleasa, who had accepted the invitation to perform in the festival before her sudden death in 2012, at only thirty-three.

“Lipatti Days”

The Lipatti Days proposed the public a series of novelties in the field of Romanian festival organising. On October 1, the International Music Day, passers-by were invited to "Come play this piano!” on the instruments put at their disposal in several public places across Bucharest – Colțea Park, AFI Palace Cotroceni Mall and the Historical Centre. The event was meant to bring together, and to involve in music making, individuals with the most diverse backgrounds, and was very well received, as demonstrated the public’s positive reactions.

On November 7, took place, at Aiurart Gallery in Bucharest, the opening of the "Lipatti Between Worlds” Photo Exhibition. On display – twenty-four 48×48 previously unknown pictures from the Lipatti family archives which recomposed, puzzle-like, the family and personal environment which witnessed the shaping and completion of Dinu Lipatti’s activity as performer and composer. The images, which had been preserved on glass negatives, were technically and artistically processed with the help of the "Francisc Mraz” School of Photographic Poetics. The exhibition was complemented by a sound and image performance designed by Cătălin Crețu.

Thirty-three years… That little was Dinu Lipatti with us… Thirty-three years of life, which enriched the existence of all who knew, heard, loved him, of those who learned from him, who studied his biography, his recordings, his works. Some of those were introduced in the documentary film which opened on November 30 in Cinema City at AFI Palace Cotroceni Mall. Directed by two well-known TV presenters, Ruxandra Țuchel and Oana Drăgulinescu, the film showed how Lipatti can be better understood after an intense and detailed research, and featured interviews with musicologists Dragoș Tănăsescu (in his last filmed conversation before his passing away) and Grigore Bărgăuanu. The 2012 edition of the Lipatti Days ventured in a more unconventional space, open to innovation, experiment, cultural act, creativity and knowledge: the "Home & Hope for Children” organisation, dedicated to developing programmes which aim to replace the institutional child protection system with a system based on the family concept. Together, the Lipatti Days and "Home & Hope for Children” invited children to "discover Lipatti” in an original photo workshop whose results were exhibited in AFI Palace on October, 30.

The main event proposed by 2012 Lipatti Days, and their conclusion, was the piano recital marathon hosted by the Romanian Athenaeum on December 2, the day commemorating the death of great Dinu Lipatti. Important figures of the Romanian and international piano world played for the public: Alfredo Perl, Mihai Ritivoiu, Andrei Licareț, the evening reaching its highest point with the recital of famous Nikolai Lugansky. Two young Romanian talents and two international stars thus shared the stage. Mihai Ritivoiu, winner of the National Piano Competition held within the first edition of the Lipatti Days, was studying at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. Andrei Licareț, who followed master classes in the US and in Berlin, winner of national and international prizes, was preparing for his recital at Carnegie Hall. Chilean Alfredo Perl, belonging to the international piano elite, is renowned for his renditions of Beethoven and Ravel, composers featured in his recital in Bucharest. Nikolai Lugansky is one of the most profound and refined contemporary pianists, mastering an astounding technique and performing all over the world. On December 2, Alfredo Perl, Mihai Ritivoiu and Andrei Licareț played Beethoven, Schumann, Ravel, Enescu, Bach, Lipatti and Chopin, while Nikolai Luganski proposed a spectacular, varied programme reuniting works by pusuri Leoš Janáček, Franz Liszt and Sergey Rachmaninoff.

The tribute to legendary pianist Dinu Lipatti, whose 95th death anniversary was marked in 2012, was complemented with a Musicology Competition whose main objective were centred on a better knowledge of our great musician, and on the promotion of the most talented contestants, the winning essay having been published in the programme on sale at the Romanian Athenaeum on the day of the concluding piano recital marathon.