On meeting George Enescu in Paris, in a letter to Florica Musicescu (October 19, 1935)

Some days ago I wrote several lines to maestro Enescu, asking if he could receive me so that I would play for him the Beethoven sonata. He was kind enough to receive me just yesterday. He invited me to sit down at the piano and I began playing […] He was conducting and giving me indications now and then as I went along, while I, hypnotized by maestro’s splendid interpretation, was feeling like I was playing a different sonata, and that, for the first time […] What expression, what generosity in each passage […] Yesterday was for me one of the most beautiful lessons. And maestro was so kind! He said I could go to him for advice, on performing and on composing, whenever I want. […] I will take advantage of my maestro’s kindness and I will thus play for him the E flat concerto. And what he will bring out of it, Lord!

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