On the participation in the International Piano Competition in Vienna, where he came in second in another letter to Miron Șoarec (June 2, 1933):

What a hustle! Twenty candidates a day! I played the Adagio and the first bars from the Fugue, then I was asked for a bit from the first movement of Chopin’s sonata. The piano was horrible, an old-time Blüthner – still, both myself and Cuca Fotino (Maria Fotino, another of Florica Musicescu’s students) made it! Had you been present, you would have laughed for an entire week. Would you believe that they would stop you, in the middle of the work, when you were most enjoying yourself and were least expecting it, that they would argue between themselves over the works you play, and that they would ring a bell, like in a courtroom? […] Thank God, we maintained our composure, we continue to do it and we hope to keep on doing it many years from now.

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