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Lipatti, continuously present: a perspective in 4 scenes

Ever since the December 2, 1950 death of the Romanian musician, due to a grave illness, both his biography and artistic accomplishments have been analyzed, compared and assessed into such detail that it seems there is little new to contribute.

Dinu Lipatti, A Romanian, Worldwide Musical Permanence

Motto: “Art is meant to coalesce truth and beauty”. Franz Liszt

Distinguished representative of the Romanian music school in the first half of the 20th century, Dinu Lipatti polarises still the attention of contemporary pianists, critics and listeners. If unjust fate allotted him only a short span of life, his exceptional qualities as performer, composer and teacher promoted him in “that Pantheon where Music has surrounded herself with her chosen ones”. The invaluable lipattian pianism and the artist’s musical activity of many features and forms are even today the subject of passionate musicological debates and the object of an exceptional interest worldwide.

Dinu Lipatti
As Recorded and Archived at the National Romanian Radio

Dinu Lipatti, the classic of worldwide pianistics, the composer, emerged, maybe not by pure hazard, in the most auspicious moment in modern Romania’s history anad in an intense time in our country’s culture, a country which defined, established and affirmed itself through its great institutions - among which I don’t think it would be wrong to place the Romanian Radio.