- January 19: the Friends of the Ecole Normale de Musique Association puts together a concert with works by Cesare Brero, Dinu Lipatti (the Sonatine for violin and piano, with André Proffit on the violin) and Bernard Schulé.
- Lipatti plays under Charles Munch and also with his friend, pianist Clara Haskil.
- March 29: he performs, at the Salle Pleyel in Paris, music by Beethoven, Brahms, Byrd, Chopin, Poulenc and Stravinsky. The recital establishes his reputation as a mature pianist and an exceptional performer.
- Beginning of May: the Salle Pleyel hosts a Romanian music concert which featured, among others, Lipatti’s Symphonie concertante for two pianos and strings, with the composer and Clara Haskil as soloists and Charles Münch conducting.
- July: Lipatti meets for the first time his future wife, Madeleine Cantacuzino, during a musical soiree hosted by engineer Ion Cantacuzino.
- October: recital by Lipatti and Enescu at the Romanian Athenaeum, with works Fauré, Mozart and Beethoven.
- At the Metropolitan Opera in New York, Enescu conducts, in an all-Romanian programme within the International Exposition, the second movement from Les tziganes.
- November 18: the “Gheorghe Dima” Philharmonic Society in Cluj Napoca organises, at the Academic College Concert Hall, a musical evening conducted by Mihail Jora. Lipatti played his Concertino in the classical style.
- December 16: he gives a solo recital at the Romanian Athenaeum. In addition works by Bach, Fauré, Chopin, Albeniz, Ravel, Lipatti and Smaranda Athanasof introduces his Trois dances roumaines for two pianos. The warm reception prompts him to renew his recital on January 29, 1940.


- February: Lipatti plays for the first time together with his future wife. At the Romanian Radio, Madeleine and Dinu give works by Mozart-Busoni, Françaix, Berkeley.
- March: he performs his Three nocturnes, in a concert organised by the Romanian Composers’ Society.
- April 16: Lipatti makes his only appearance as a conductor on the stage of the Romanian Radio. The programme featured his arrangement for wind quintet of Six sonatas by Scarlatti, Bach’s Concerto in C major for two pianos and orchestra (with Smaranda Atanasoff and Madeleine Cocorăscu) and Brandenburg Concerto no. 3 in G major.


- Lipatti tours with the Bucharest Philharmonic and conductor George Georgescu, visiting Vienna, Prague, Dresden, Leipzig, Berlin, Hannover, Frankfurt am Main, Augsburg, Munich. He plays his Concertino in the classical style.
- March 8: recital at the Romanian Athenaeum. Lipatti plays, with Alexandru Theodorescu, his Sonatina for violin and piano.
- May 4: the first Romanian performance of Lipatti’s Symphonie concertante for two pianos and strings. The composer and Madeleine Cantacuzino played under George Georgescu, giving, as well, Bach’s C minor concerto.
- May 8: the Radio Orchestra led by Ionel Perlea plays, in the anniversary concert of the Romanian Composers’ Society hosted by the Romanian Athenaeum, “Ivresse / Le festin” from Lipatti’s Les tziganes.
- August: Lipatti plays Franz Liszt’s Piano concerto in E flat major in a benefit concert at the Romanian Athenaeum.
- Begins the building of a new house on his domain at Fundățeanca. The house, designed by Lipatti himself, would comprise a concert studio.
- October 12: he plays, at the Romanian Athenaeum and under George Georgescu, the D minor concerto by Bach-Busoni.
- Lipatti tours Bratislava, Vienna and Sofia, playing his own Concertino and Mozart’s Piano concerto no. 20 in D minor. The Bucharest Philharmonic Orchestra was led by George Georgescu.
- Sonata recital with George Enescu, on the occasion of Mozart’s 150th birth anniversary.


- February 10: Lipatti gives a recital at the Romanian Athenaeum, playing Händel, Scarlatti, Ravel, Liszt, Brahms and Chopin. Several days later follows another sonata recital with George Enescu. The programme featured music by Bach and Fauré, as well as the first performance of Enescu’s Childhood Impressions. The dedication reads: “To Dinu Lipatti, this work’s godfather, with deep gratitude and admiration.”
- End of the February: concert with music by Lipatti (Three nocturnes¸Sonatina for the left hand and Sonatina for violin and piano, with violinist Alexandru Theodorescu)
- March: Lipatti plays in Berlin to great acclaim. There followed recitals and concerts in Vienna, Roma, Pesaro, Trieste.
- October 11: performance, at the Bucharest Philharmonic under George Georgescu, of Grieg’s piano concerto. In his last solo recital in Romania, Lipatti plays Bach, Scarlatti, Chopin, Schubert, Debussy, Ravel and de Falla.
- December 19: another sonata recital with George Enescu.


- Lipatti records, with conductor Hans von Benda, his Concertino.
- January 15: he plays, with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra and Wolfgang Brückner, Liszt’s E flat major.
- He gives recitals in Leipzig, Vienna, Bratislava (where he also records).
- February 16: Liszt’s E flat major at the Romanian Athenaeum, with Willem Mengerlberg and the Radio Orchestra.
- February 25: the same concert is reprised in Sofia, with Alexander Popov conducting.
- March: Lipatti records, at the Romanian Radio, works by Enescu (“Toccata” and “Bourrée” from the Suite op 10 and, with the composer, the second and third violin sonatas).
- May 7: he plays, at the Romanian Athenaeum, under Ionel Perlea, Bach’s D minor concerto.
- He gives a recital at the French Institute of Higher Studies, performing, next to French music, Enescu’s third piano sonata.
- He records the same sonata in Bern.
- Autumn: Lipatti leaves Romania for what will be the last time. According to his concert agenda, September 13 sees him in Stockholm (with works by Bach-Busoni and Chopin), September 25 and 26, at the Helsinki Radio, and October 14, in Zurich. A day after his Zurich recital, he plays at the Radio in a two-piano programme together with Madeleine works by Enescu and his own Dances roumaines. The series of recitals continues in Geneva, Bern, Lausanne, Neuchâtel and Lucerne.
- The first signs of a yet undiagnosed illness appear, strong enough to force him to cancel his next concerts, scheduled to take place in December in Vienna, Bratislava and Bucharest.