- April 1: Lipatti is appointed Professor at the Music Conservatory in Geneva.
- He is diagnosed, in Geneva, with ganglion infection of a nontuberculous origin
- He regains his strength and holds a series of concerts and recitals: Gstaad (August 5, with Chopin’s E minor piano concerto under Hermann Scherchen), Montana (August 12), Frauenfeld (September 28), Vevey (October 15), Bern (October 31, with Liszt’s E flat major concerto and Mozart’s D minor concerto), Fribourg (November 12, with music by Chopin), Zurich (December 5, with Ravel’s Concerto in G and Haydn’s Concerto in D major).


- Lipatti continues his series of recitals and concerts with appearances in Basel (January 16, with Liszt’s E flat major concerto), Geneva (February 19 and 21, with Liszt and Martin), etc.
- He gives concerts (in the company of conductor Charles Munch) and recitals in Switzerland.


- Lipatti continues to perform in Switzerland, but is forced to cancel his American tour on account of his health problems.
- Columbia Records invites him for a recording session, offering him a fee comparable to those received by the great performers of the time.
- The end of the year brings a tour in Belgium, with Madeleine and tenor Hugues Cuénod. Afterwards, Lipatti visits Paris, Neuchâtel, Lausanne, Zurich, Lucerne.


- February 16: invited by the Société des concerts, Lipatti plays in Paris, to great acclaim, Grieg’s concerto.
- Owing to a new crisis, he postpones almost all his London concerts. He plays only one evening and records for Columbia Records Chopin’s B minor sonata and Nocturne op. 27 no. 2 in D flat major, Bach’s G major chorale and Scarlatti’s “Pastoral” Sonata. The Chopin sonata, with which Lipatti was not satisfied, is awarded the prize of the Charles Cros Academy.
- He envisions forming a trio with cellist Antonio Janigro and violinist Arthur Grumiaux, as well as giving a series of concerts in Switzerland and Italy. Some of these he would hold.
- Doctors Edmond Sarasin and Henri Dubois-Ferrière give the diagnosis: malign lymphogranulomatosis (Hodgkin’s disease).
- April: recitals in Rome, Turin, Milan.
- May: recital with Antonio Janigro, whom he introduces to the audience in Lausanne, Bern and Zurich.
- Lipatti makes, with Antonio Janigro, several trial recordings for Jecklin Records in Zurich, playing Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Fauré, Ravel, Rimsky-Korsakov. At Lipatti’s requests, the recordings were transferred to Columbia Records. Only three of the six discs were recovered and edited on CD - by German label Archiphon Records, in 1995, at the initiative of Mark Ainley.
- June 6: Lipatti plays Liszt’s E flat major and Chopin’s Andante spianato et Grande polonaise brillante at the Grand Theatre in Geneva, under Ernest Ansermet. It was a benefit performance, the funds thus raised being given to the Swiss Red Cross and to the children from Romania.
- June: Theodor Lipatti, Dinu’s father, dies. Dinu is unable to be near his deathbed.
- Even if weakened by his illness, Lipatti gives two concerts in Samedan and Silvaplana, two villages in the vicinity of St Moritz.
- He plays Mozart’s D minor concerto in Lucerne in an evening led by composer Paul Hindemith.
- He performs an all-Chopin recital for the benefit of the Romanians, victims of the war, as well as a concert in his own home (giving, with Madeleine, a two-piano version of Bartók’s Piano concerto no. 3).
- September: Lipatti records, in London, Bach’s G major chorale, Scarlatti’s Sonata L. 23, in E major, Liszt’s Sonetto 104 del Petrarca and Grieg’s piano concerto, with the orchestra led by Alceo Galliera. He also plays, two times, at the BBC.
- In Hilversum and The Hague, he gives Bach’s D minor and Ravel’s G major. He is invited to move permanently to The Netherlands.
- The return to Switzerland brings with it another crisis.


- Lipatti’s London recordings are released, the sales exceeding the producers’ expectations.
- February and March: he tours Switzerland.
- May: he tours Great Britain, The Netherlands and France.
- He records, in London, Schumann’s Piano concerto in A minor, under Herbert von Karajan.
- Lipatti focuses on the virtuosity class he teaches at the Geneva Music Conservatory.
- Summer: recital in Engadin.
- He is hospitalized in a clinic in Geneva, in view of undergoing a session of X-ray therapy.
- September: he tries a new vaccine, Anatoxin H, to no avail.
- Even if in poor health, Lipatti envisions playing sixty concerts and touring England, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Belgium and Italy. Contracts for concerts in Australia and the US are negotiated.